Athena Astraea Scott

Athena Astraea Scott



"Philadelphia Pa.... born, raised and currently live."

Interest in art:

"Ever since I could pick up a pencil. It is my escape. It is my peace. It is me. Thought I lost it for a while but then discovered it never left me, thankfully."


"Life... and what a life it is. - A brief but very memorable 2 year stint at Tyler School of Art, I learned a lot about art and life. - Years later graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia (web design is my day job). But I can't talk about my studies without mentioning my HS art teacher, Inez Starr. She exposed me to so much that it's rare that I don't think of her while creating."

What inspires me as an Artist:

"People. Their expressions, how we tell stories with our eyes. Movement. How the body moves and communicates without sound. Music. Sound and rhythm creates a mood and vibe that inspires me to create. All my work has been created with some type of music playing."